Lake Michigan Water Temperatures for Northeast Wisconsin

Lake Michigan is a vast, fresh water lake that is a haven for swimmers, boaters, and fishermen.

Though not as warm as the oceans, temperatures of Lake Michigan do rise to the high 60s in July and August to make swimming enjoyable, and definitely refreshing! Rarely do temperatures make it to the 70s, unless air temperatures stay up in the 90s for many continuous days.

Get current temperature readings of Lake Michigan
in Northeast Wisconsin.

If Lake Michigan is still too chilly for your taste, head to the inland lakes where temperatures will usually be much warmer. Smaller lakes tends to warm more quickly than Lake Michigan.

You have likely been hearing about the historic water levels in Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes, and many of your favorite beaches have nearly disappeared as Lake Michigan has advanced. But don’t be discouraged–most every Lake Michigan destination has an abundance of beaches and parks, so you can usually find at least one or two big beaches which still have ample sand and long shorelines for walking, relaxing, rock-hunting, and swimming.

There are instances of shore erosion around the entire lake, and reports of the rising waters engulfing the edges of some parks where the sidewalks may now be under few inches of water. The docks at many marinas have been affected, and the piers to lighthouses are often closed on windy days, because the waves are washing over the piers, making them unsafe to walk on.

The rising lake levels remind us of the power of nature.