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Peshtigo Fire Museum – Wikipedia

The Peshtigo Fire happened on October 8th, 1871.  It ravaged Peshtigo completely and has been noted as the most under-reported fire in human history. It destroyed more than 1.25 million acres and over 2000 people died. A major attraction and one of importance to the history of Peshtigo is the Peshtigo Fire Museum reflecting the city during the time period of the fire with exhibits and stories.  It represents a memorial to the Peshtigo Fire.
Next door is the Peshtigo Fire Cemetery. There are plenty of places for adventure, enjoyment, and relaxation found in the Harbor State Wildlife Area, Peshtigo River Delta Marshes State Natural Area, Block Oxbow State Natural Area.  Harmony Gardens,  a 450 acre horticulture educational facility also offers many trails to explore.

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