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At one time a booming hub of steel production and a true melting pot of a city with a community made up of over 70 nationalities at its height, East Chicago has faced the same problems as much of the rest of the steel belt. Though humbler now than it once was, there are still experiences to be had, including one that might even get you excited about parallel parking.

Join the parking revolution in Marktown Historic District
Win big at Ameristar Casino
Unwind at Jeorse Park Beach
Stroll East Chicago Marina and Harborwalk

Marktown Historic District is a community that is just plain interesting. For one, it’s situated in the heart of East Chicago’s steel industry, surrounded on all sides by factories. Its placement has to do with its history, built in 1917 as employee housing for Mark Manufacturing, a steel firm, as an incentive for employees to stay with the company. Today it’s known for the peculiarity of its parking, which earned it a feature on Ripley’s Believe It or Not. You see, residents here park on the sidewalks so that they can have room to walk in the narrow roadways. If you want to take part in this quirky road-rules-revolution, go ahead and pull on in to Marktown, but be on the lookout for the odd dogwalker in the road.

The Ameristar Casino is one of those all-inclusive experiences. Stay there, eat there, gamble, maybe take in a show, or even book your wedding venue if the mood strikes. It’s the perfect spot to stop in and unwind with a drink and some food in the evening before getting back on the road, or for booking a room if you end up having more drinks and fun than you’d planned on. With table games including baccarat, as well as plenty of slot machines, this casino is a real winner, and hey, you could be too.

Just to the East of Ameristar Casino is another day’s worth of fun, this time in the sun. If East Chicago only has the one beach, at least that beach delivers on quality, which is what you’ll get at Jeorse Park Beach. Catch some rays on the soft clean sand or maybe play some volleyball if you’re feeling rambunctious. Cool down in clear Lake Michigan waters. Let the kids burn off some energy on the playground or in the splashpad. Catch some shade for your picnic at one of the sheltered tables. Take in a view of the lake from the breakwall, or even bring your pole and try for a bite. And don’t forget to check the calendar for events throughout the summer, because there are plenty to be had.

Just on the other side of Ameristar Casino is the East Chicago Marina and Harborwalk. You don’t have to arrive in a boat to find plenty to do here. The harborwalk is a lovely stroll with spectacular views, and the marina also offers dining and bar options which will prove handy for the appetite those spectacular views will work up. An equipment rental stand is also open on summer weekends, where you can take a turn in a variety of crafts from wave runners to kayaks with a fair few in between. This is also a great place for the more adventurous to get in some water-powered flight time with a jetpack or flyboard. Whichever you choose, it’s sure to be a thrill and at 30 feet above the water you’re sure to get in some spectacular, if brief, views of your own.

Revitalization is the keyword in all of the steel belt towns along Lake Michigan’s southern tip, and in the case of East Chicago, I think they’re living up to the word. Though smaller than it once was, this community still has much to offer. So wherever you’re coming from and wherever you’re going, just know that East Chicago will have a space open for you to park for a rest along your way.

For more travel information about East Chicago, Indiana, please contact this tourism resource:

City of East Chicago
4525 Indianapolis Blvd.
East Chicago, IN 46312
(219)  391-8200


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