Discover Whiting, Indiana!

Quirky Fun in Whiting!

Whiting is a small town with a lot of personality. Stand on its beach and you’ll get a grand view of Chicago’s skyline, but don’t be fooled, Whiting is no mere suburb of the windy city. Built on a bit of humor, a bit of history and a bit of small-town Americana, Whiting’s charm is in its individualism.

Get in the spirit at the Mascot Hall of Fame
Take a stroll through the flowers at Lakefront Park
Relax to lapping waves at Whihala Beach
Float and play at the Whihala Beach WhoaZone
Catch a flick at the historic Hoosier Theater
And make sure to check out Peirogi Fest!

Which mascot do your root for? New in 2018, the Mascot Hall of Fame has transitioned from an online-only presence to a brick and mortar experience that now calls Whiting home. The hall aims to showcase and celebrate sports mascots and their performances. It’s also an all-around fun and silly good time.

Speaking of good times, how about a night at the movies? End the day right by stepping into the Hoosier Theater, a historic building housing a single grand screen and playing the current box-office hit. There’s definitely something to be said for the ambiance and life that can be found in a building that has seen live performances by W. C. Fields and The Three Stooges over its near century of existence. Grab some popcorn and settle in for the show. You can bet it’s a good one.

Now, when it comes to Whiting, there are really two cities; Whiting during the majority of the year and Whiting during the weekend of Pierogi Fest. Think Mardi Gras with less beads and intoxication and more polka. When the third largest festival in Indiana descends on this sleepy city it becomes another world. The festival itself, however, is all Whiting in its personality. Celebrating Eastern European culture and of course food, the festival has a kind of down-to-earth humor to its many shows, games and spectacles that could really only have been created in one place. If you want good food, good times, and maybe a selfie with a giant walking dumpling, then whiting during Pierogi Fest is where you want to be. Don’t forget to bring your appetite.

Whiting’s Lakefront Park covers 15 acres along Lake Michigan’s shore. Whether you just need a place to stretch your legs, or are looking for a day’s worth of fun, this park has you covered. From a baseball diamond to volleyball and tennis courts, picnic and concession areas, a fishing pier extending 300 feet onto Lake Michigan to a calming fish pond complete with waterfall, there is plenty to do for as long as you want to do things. The parks beautifully kept flower gardens and amazing scenery are just a bonus, really.


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Not only does Whihala Beach boast an amazing view of Chicago’s skyline, beautiful sand and blue-green waters, it also offers an interesting experience in the form of the largest inflatable playground in the Midwest. The WhoaZone as it is called offers hour-long sessions on this floating play paradise as well as offering rentals of both an interesting round watercraft known as a corcl and the more traditional kayak. Bounce around, explore the lake in style, or just soak up some vitamin D. It’s all good on a beach day.

Whether as a stop along the road or a festival destination, Whiting is waiting. Just don’t forget to pack your sense of humor.

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Whiting Robertsdale Chamber of Commerce
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